New bill will allow California students medical cannabis use in school

New legislation in California could allow kids with epilepsy and other specific ailments to consume prescribed cannabis medication without having to leave school gounds. The bill passed Monday by the state Assembly and sent to Gov. Jerry Brown, this would allow parents to give their children medical marijuana on campus.

California state law has allowed minors to use medical marijuana since the 90s, but it has still never been allowed on school grounds, most often forcing parents to remove their kids from school and drive away from the campus just to issue their child’s medication.

If signed into law, the legislation would give parents the power to administer only certain types of medication, not including smoke or vapable items, but capsules, liquids, tinctures will all be acceptable. Though the bill lets school districts decide to opt-in to the policy, it does not mandate them to allow it.

The bill was inspired in part by a teenager in San Francisco who sometimes saw as many as 50 seizures in a single day. In school marijuana treatment would allow epileptic students to sit through a full, uninterrupted day of school.